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Hemp clothing is made from Hemp fiber which is taken from the plants of the Cannabis family. Cannabis is a dioecious plant that can be produced into fiber cloth. The plant, being of major technological importance as a fiber and being one of the most influential psychoactive plants in human culture, was most likely a key trade item from a very early date.

Now, hemp is difficult to grow in the United States even for industrial use because of its association with marijuana. The two plants belong to the same species, but they have been bred to achieve different ends, and industrial hemp does not contain enough tetrahydrocannabinol to make it a psychoactive substance.

The first cultivation of hemp in America seems to have been in Nova Scotia in 1606 and it subsequently became widely grown across North America for its use as a fiber. Hemp clothing was the major part of wearable products until the 1920′s. Until that time, it made up nearly 80% of the clothing market.

The Chinese are currently the world’s largest producer of this controversial fabric. The Chinese hemp clothes makers use a chemical process to create the fabrics while their contemporaries on the European continent use cleaner, biological enzyme technology to produce similar fabrics for hemp clothing. Thousands of years back, the cultivation of hemp for industrial purposes was attempted and it was used to manufacture rope, canvas, paper, and clothing until alternative textiles for these purposes were discovered.

The typical hemp fabric used is not as white as cotton. It does not have the same softness as the cotton fabrics as well. To manage this, manufacturers used a blend of cotton and hemp. Advances in breeding of the plants and treatment of the fibers have also resulted in a much finer, softer fiber, which is ideal for weaving into clothing. In Canada, manufacturers have created a process to make them into a softer and whiter product known as crailar; a fabric much more similar to cotton. Growing industrial hemp in the United States is heavily regulated, although Canada, its neighboring nation, grows commercial amounts of hemp.

This fabric is much stronger than conventional clothing products. It has approximately three times the strength of ordinary cotton products. Hemp clothing is also more lightweight and absorbent. It is ideal for outdoor wear because of its resistance to ultraviolet radiation and mold.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Hemp fabric & bamboo clothes: rough & itchy or soft like cotton?
    I have severe allergies and can only wear cotton. I even tried organic wool: it’s rough, itchy & too warm.

    Have you tried hemp clothes or bamboo clothes? If yes, how does it feel like? (see title and pls give details) Thx.

    • ANSWER:
      i’ve never worn hemp (other than shoes), but i wear a ton of bamboo! i find it to be even softer than cotton, and it holds up better over time…..

    What is the best place online to buy organic clothing?
    I have been searching for sites that sell clothing made from organic/renewable materials. Organic cotton, hemp, soy, bamboo. I am having a hard time finding a local store so I decided to shop online. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      try or clothing store in old Sacramento that’s way cool. and i hope they are on-line.

    I’m looking for some gently used hemp or organic cotton baby clothes, any colors. Any suggestions where?
    I live in St. Paul, Minnesota. I’ve looked on Craigslist and poked around ebay but haven’t had much luck. There’s a store called Peapod’s, but all the organic cotton/hemp/bamboo-woven baby clothes are SUPER expensive. I don’t want to spend that much when my 3-month-old girl is just going to end up spitting up or pooping on some/most of these garments. At the same time, though, I’d like to “go green” with my baby. So recommendations?? Please and thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I thought eBay had a descent amount of organic cotton baby clothes. This site helps you find organic cotton baby clothes ending soon on eBay. Easy to hop on and bid on items ending soon with no bids. You can get some good deals this way.

    Where to find sustainable fabrics and low impact dye?
    Hey… I’m a 16 year old aspiring artist/clothing designer.

    I like to make alot of clothing and graphic designs. So… I was wondering… where can I find sustainable/organic fabrics (organic cotton, hemp, bamboo) in plain colors (white) for clothing? As well as fabric dyes that are low impact?

    Thanks :D (ps… I live in little Iowa… so any online stores? Or… perhaps they may carry it in chain fabric stores?)

    • ANSWER:
      What you’re looking for is called PFD (prepared for dyeing) or greige (pronounced “gray”) goods.

      I’d start by sending you to for some dye and process information — they carry a few “sustainable fabrics” (I do not count bamboo as sustainable — the processes being used are pretty environmentally nasty).

      Remember, if you want deep colors on cotton, look for mercerized cotton to start with. The difference is night and day…

    What would be a great name for a Clothing Line?
    What would be a great name for a line of clothing?

    I’m mostly going for t-shirts and sweatshirts for the young adults that can afford it. Eventually add Hats, Shirts, Jackets, Scarf’s, etc. This will be Hip Street Fashion but not for thugs! Want to keep it limited and sell in the trendy hip-hop/Skater stores such as HUF, Undefeated, Goods, and possibly other small boutiques, When you think of the line, think of it Pharell Williams (Neptune’s) current line – Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream aka Weird but Trendy and Hot! I want to only sell very limited amounts & make them very high quality shirts with a cut and sew approach. Think of graphics on Egyptian cotton or maybe go Green with Hemp or Bamboo. Did I mention limited quality for the young trendsetter or the hypebeast? I was thinking of “Geeks & Goons” as I like the contrast between the two however it currently sounds too close to a current line in this market called, “Crooks and Castles”

    Ok, do you have any HOT ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      -Knock on plastic
      -goons coture
      -pulchritude (it means beautiful)
      -desolate infamy (it means lonley fame)
      -a million little paper clips or m.l.p.c.
      -giarate (it means move your hips)

      hope i helped!

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